Topical Hair-Loss Solution

La Quinta Medspa offers a simple night time regimen that is easy to use and proven to be clinically effective at:

  • Reversing hair-loss
  • Maintaining growth
  • Longevity of hair

The skin care products are formulated under strict protocols to the highest pharmaceutical levels by our pharmacy partner.

The products focus on clinically proven pharmaceuticals called peptides and valproic acid.

PTD-DBM w/ Methyl Vanillate

What forms of PTD-DBM w/ Methyl Vanillate are available?

PTD-DBM w/ Methyl Vanillate is available as topical solution with a dropper application and is applied nightly.

PTD-DBM is a peptide that was specifically formulated to target factors that are upregulated in balding individuals.

This peptide is often used as part of a larger hair protocol which includes other peptides such as those found in TED + solution and in combination with Valproic Acid

For maximum results, these therapies can be used in conjunction with TED and PRP procedures.

How does PTD-DBM w/ Methyl Vanillate work?

The Wnt/b-catenin pathway has been implicated in hair follicle development and hair regeneration in adults. Wnt/b-catenin activators like Valproic Acid promote human hair cell proliferation! CXXC5(CXXC-type

zinc finger protein 5) is a negative regulator of the Wnt/b-catenin pathway which was upregulated in human balding scalps. However, scientists have found a way to block this negative feedback using PTD-DBM and Methyl Vanillate!

Valproic Acid

Studies have proven that PTD-DBM peptide is significantly more effective at inducing hair growth when combined with valproic acid, which stimulates the Wnt/b catenin pathway when applied topically.

Both compounds improve hair follicle growth, reduce hair loss, and have other beneficial effects when used in combination.

Product Use

These products require the physician to review your medical history and do an exam , before prescribing.

The products are made to specification and are shipped either to our office to be picked up or drop shipped directly to your home monthly.

Both PTD-DBM and Valproic acid are applied to the scalp daily.


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