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Melasma, Brown Spots and Freckles*

* Actual results may vary by patient.


Melasma is a common acquired pigmentary disorder among latin, Mediterranean and Asian skin colors. This problem is difficult to control and can be worsend by other laser treatments. Spectra VRM systems from Lutronic have reported excellent success rates with a new approach to melasma


The approach called 'Laser Toning by VRM' is an advanced treatment that takes advantage of the flexibility of the Spectra VRM II Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser to penetrate and target brown color (melanin) in the deep skin layers making it ideal for dermal melasma.


Freckles, sun damage, brown spots also benefit from this technology.


Laser Toning by VRM is a non-ablative procedure and patients can typically complete treatments without the use of topical anesthetics and return to their normal daily routines immediately afterwards. Treatments are repeated 5 to 8 times at intervals of between 7 and 10 days until the melasma, brown spots and freckles are no longer visible.


More Information about Melasma

Melasma is an easily irritated and recurring skin disorder and most peeling therapies are only suitable for epidermal melasma. The uniform beam profile and short pulse width of the Spectra VRM Series are very important in achieving reliable and predictable clinical results without any significant risk of adverse reactions.


Laser Toning by VRM is a simple, effective treatment with high patient satisfaction levels and can take as little as ten minutes per session. Treatments can be combined with other complimentary therapies to achieve multiple clinical advantages with little or no risk of side effects, making it the ideal treatment for epidermal and dermal melasma.