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Retinol Serum / Pads / Eye Area / EmoluGelTM


Topical retinoids exhibit diverse, profound dermatological effects, including regulation of epidermal differentiation, elimination of dysplasia and atypia, uniform dispersion of melanin granules and increased collagen synthesis. Retinol is a biologically-active retinoid, approximately 10% of the topical dose of which converts into all-trans-retinoic acid in vivo

A unique EmoluGelTM vehicle combines moisturizing Petrolatum and Glycerin in an anhydrous, silicone gel free of fragrances, preservatives, and surfactants.

An elegant light serum formulation appropariate for patients with oily skin

Micro-encapsulation (EmoluGelTM vehicle) significantly enhances the stability of Retinol by isolating the molecule in the core of a microscopic acrylic matrix, thus protecting it from light and oxygen. This matrix then acts as a sustained- release Retinol delivery system which reduces cutaneous irritation characteristic of retinoids.


TM CEGA Eye Area Peptide Restorative Complex

CEGATM Peptide Restorative Complex is a high-potency com- bination of ingredients specifically addressing the needs of the eye area, combining protective anti-oxidants, soothing emollients and firming peptides.

Contains Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, the only Vitamin C compound clinically demonstrated in double-blind, pla- cebo-controlled studies to increase both Grenz-zone and type-1 collagen. In addition to stimulating collagen produc- tion, this compound provides anti-oxidant protective acti- vity, inhibits lipid peroxidation and provides skin clarifying and brightening actions by lightening melanin granules. This anti-oxidant activity is supplemented by natural-source (d-stereoisomer) Vitamin E acetate and Green Tea.

Contains Acetyl hexapeptide-3, a short-chain synthetic pep- tide that inhibits neurotransmitters responsible for cutane- ous muscle contraction. Such inhibition results in muscle relaxation and smoothing of dynamic skin wrinkles.



HydraPeptideTM UnderEyeDePuffer

A lightweight hyaluronic acid-based gel that helps reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness

Contains an anti-puffiness complex consisting of the biofla- vanoid Hesperidin methyl chalcone to decrease capillary permeability combined with two peptides: Dipeptide Valyl- Trytophane to improve lymphatic circulation and Lipopep- tide Pal-GQPR to improve firmness and elasticity.

Contains extracts of Green Tea, Willow herb and Evodia rut- eacarpa to reduce swelling and redness

100% Fragrance-free.


KojiLac-CiTM Dual-Action Dark Circle Treatment

Targets the two main causes of dark circles with a combination of brighteners, peptides and flavonoids.

Helps brighten pigmented skin with a gentle Kojic acid ester, Arbutin, Rumex extract and the anti-oxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Green Tea. Helps reduce the appearance of hemoglobin accumulation and its colored degradation products (biliverdin, bilirubin and iron) using Chrysin, N-Hydroxysuccinimide and Vitamin K.